Monday, October 12, 2009

Mack & Jul

I kinda have this idea floating around in my head, to do a webcomic.
I know that it's a big thing and not to be taken lightly, but I want to push on and see where it takes me. So here are the main characters, VERY heavily inspired on my own life, but just as a starting point, I want to build out their characters in much more interesting ways than my sad wee life!
So, yay, FUN!


Matteo said...

Hi there Sean,
I just found ur blog and, man, its so interesting!

Love ur style and... God, that strip about using Maya is really cracking me up, the last frame is pure perfection. XD

See u soon, mate!

Sean said...

Hiya Matteo!
Thanks so much for dropping by!!!
I'm really chuffed that you like my blog! Muchly appreciated!

Glad you like the strip, as I wrote on the post I'm trying to turn it into a regular thing!
Thanks again