Sunday, June 12, 2011

Grenadine et Mentalo aka Grenadine and Peppermint

Here's a teaser vid of Grenadine and Peppermint, the show that's taken up so much of my life for the past year. It was a fantastic experience and I learned sooooo much on it! I really hope it does out there in the big wide world. Let me know what you think of it and if you see it on TV near you.

Générique "Grenadine & Mentalo" par patoon2


Matteo said...

So smooth and lovely.
Amazing job, mate... I wish you maximum-success!

L ROSSI said...

Well done Dude! Will keep my eyes peeled!
Like I said on Nicola's post, the theme song is annoyingly catchy lol

Kathy Maffei said...

My mom and I have a French channel on our cable and though we don't speak French, except for a word or so, we love watching it. We especially love Grenadine and Mentalo.
They are just so wonderful to watch. Mentalo is adorable :) There is one question we find ourselves asking though...what is the meaning of the broccoli? Is it just a cute thing? Does it have a special French cultural significance? Singing broccoli. Dancing broccoli. Broccoli dreams. Please if there is an answer, my brain would be a happy camper to know it :)

Sean McCormack said...

Heya Kathy,
Thanks so much for the comment. I'm so glad you like the show. It was a great experience.
About the brocoli... well hge just loves brocoli. I wish there was some hitten meaning behind it to make your brain as happy as can be, but that peguin just has a thing for his greens!