Thursday, September 29, 2011

Oldies - Story idea

So these were sketches I did aaages ago for a small comic book idea. Since I've dropped the idea but some of these were quite fun, so I thought I might as well pop them up here. Whoot!


Keith said...

Great poses, I especially like the ladies at the top, lots of strong poses going on up there :D

robair said...


Olivier said...

Nice series, you should post on your blog more often. I like the 5th one, the sleepy guy. How are things going at La Fabrique?

Sean McCormack said...

Thanks kieth! Of coooourse u like the ladies up top ;-)

Draw with u in mind Bobby, understand that how ever u want.

Merciii olivier! I know I've been lazy, need to do more'
Things are going really well at the Fabrique thanks. Got loads going on which is always a good thing. How about you? How's it been since you left toonboom?