Saturday, February 18, 2012

Carine's Bday Card

One of the best things I find from being a guy who draws, when you have no idea what to buy someone for their birthday, you can always draw them a card and get away with it! Yay for cheap assness... This was for one of my oldest friends, Carine. Can you guess what she does?


xbeni said...

great work! I like your blog

GhettoFab said...
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GhettoFab said...

Im wanting to guess brain surgeon..

heheh dont conform to the thought that your art is cheap thats what employers what you to spread

great post :)!

Sean McCormack said...

Why thanks so much xbeni and GhettoFab!
Thx for the words of encouragment!
She's actually a music therapist, and since I never really understood what she actually did, I thought I'd draw where my mind first took me! She was amused to say the least:-D